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New Release – Music for Work and Play: Carriacou, Grenada, 1962

Date posted: July 14, 2015

In August, 1962, folklorist/ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and his young daughter, Anna, arrived in Carriacou, a small, outer island of the Eastern Caribbean nation, Grenada. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Lomax spent the next five days recording a wide range of traditional music and song. On three-foot high loudspeakers, Lomax played the music back to those recorded and then conducted both formal and informal interviews about the music and culture—encounters that were also captured on tape and that were as light-hearted as they were informative. Re-mastered from Lomax’s original stereo recordings, Music for Work and Play: Carriacou, Grenada, 1962, which offers a snapshot of Lomax’ warm welcome to Carriacou as well as a portrait of this rich, diverse, and vital musical culture, is now available as a downloadable album.

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