The Rosetta Project Finds Endangered Languages in the Parlametrics Collection

The Rosetta Project continues to find many valuable examples of endangered languages in the Parlametrics recordings. As part of collaboration with ACE, the Rosetta Project will digitize and catalog the Parlametrics speaking samples and will add these to their own collections, working through a prioritized index of the Parlametrics collection to identify rare and endangered languages. ACE and Rosetta will work together to contact and seek permissions from those who contributed the recordings to the Parlametrics Project. The Parlametrics research collection is home to 150 hours of recorded monologue and dialogue samples in 156 indigenous languages, including many that are disappearing: Ewe, Fanti, Grabo, Jabo, Kikuyu, Kikamba, Bulu, Susu, Twi, Yorubu, Sindebele, Zulu, Tonga (Africa).

Originally posted: September 28, 2005