John Szwed and Steve Zeitlin in Conversation at the Tenement Museum

Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World with John Szwed in Conversation with Steve Zeitlin

City Lore’s Director Steve Zeitlin interviewed John Szwed about his new biography of Alan Lomax at the Tenement Museum on Tuesday, July 10th at 6:30pm. John Szwed’s book, Alan Lomax: the Man Who Recorded the World, leads us rethink Lomax’s sometimes controversial legacy. Includes clips of Lomax’s Land Where the Blues Began.

This installment of the Tenement Talks series took place on Tuesday, July 10th, beginning at 6:30pm at The Museum Shop of The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, 103 Orchard St. New York, NY 10002.

Listen to the complete audio recording of the discussion here. Audio begins at 00:05:30.

Originally posted: July 10, 2012