Grenada and Carriacou Teaching Resources

Free Resources for the Classroom

These Teaching Resources were developed from Alan Lomax's landmark journeys and the wealth of text, images, film and audio that he brought back. For more on those remarkable trips, see Alan Lomax in Grenada and Carriacou.

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Grade Level: 6–8

Activity #1: Rhythm and Beat

Activity #2: (Juba This and Juba That)

Grade Level: 3–5

Activity #1: Sea Chantey Call-and-Response (I)

Activity #2: Sea Chantey Call-and-Response (II)

Grade Level: 3–8

Activity #1: Do, Sol, and Triple Meter Music on a Mouth Bow

Activity #2: Do, Sol, and Duple Meter Mouth Bow Music

Grade Level: Grade Level: 6–8

Activity #1: Figuring Out the Music

Activity #2: Dancing a Basic Quadrille

Grade Level: 6–8

Activity #1: Deciphering the Language

Activity #2: Adding a Percussion Accompaniment


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