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Performance style research was also educational in intent and was funded partially on that basis, its aims being to introduce culturally balanced approach to the study and interpretation of music, dance, and other expressive systems. Cantometrics: an Approach to the Anthropology of Music (1976), a teaching manual with musical examples on cassettes compiled with Roswell Rudd and Victor Grauer, was designed to train students to recognize the elements of world musical styles. It was the only one of the learning systems to have been published and was available for many years through University of California Media Publications. Digitally produced coding manuals for Cantometrics, Choreometrics, and Parlametrics, with accompanying media examples and exercises, were installed in the Global Jukebox, a prototype multimedia teaching tool, and were meant to be studied there — again with the idea of teaching world culture through its expressive systems.

Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay together produced several films about Choreometrics. Dance and Human History, Step Style, and Palm Play, released in the 1970s, illustrate some of the main findings of Choreometrics research and introduce students to the cross-cultural analysis of dance in evolutionary perspective. A fourth, The Longest Trail (1986) employs Choreometric analysis to demonstrate the traits of movement style shared by Siberian peoples and the Native peoples of North and South America. The University of California Media division also published these films.

The American Patchwork, Lomax’s PBS educational series on regional American folk culture, was based on insights from the Performance Style studies. It is available now on DVD through Media Generation. Rhythms of Earth, a DVD edition of the four dance films was published in 2008 with a number of helpful special features including interviews with Forrestine Paulay, Alan Lomax, and statistical scientist Michael Flory, and a teaching guide for The Longest Trail entitled "A Dance Geography of the American Indian People." Songs of Earth, a web edition of the Cantometrics Learning System will be available in late 2008.

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