Appalachia 1982-1983

Cloggers and buck dancers; bluegrass and string bands; white gospel groups; stories, folktales, and ballads from coal miners, tobacco farmers, and former bootleggers, filmed in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Performers include Ray and Stanley Hicks; union activist and singer Nimrod Workman; fiddler Tommy Jarrell; the ballad singers of Sodom Laurel, Madison County, N.C.; the Piedmont blues stylists John Dee Holeman and Algia Mae Hinton, and the National Sacred Harp Convention in Fyffe, Alabama.


A fragment of "Three Nights Drunk" sung and played by Dink Roberts. Shot by Alan Lomax and crew at Dink's home in Haw River, North Carolina, late July, 1983.   Doodle Thrower & the Golden River Grass band perform "Mountain Dew" at Mountain Music Park in Dahlonega, Georgia. John (Doodle) Thrower, vocal & harmonica; James Watson, banjo; Bill Kee, fiddle; Len Elliott, guitar & vocal; and Gene Daniel, bass. With Strawberry Tifton, banjo & vocal. Shot by Alan Lomax and crew, September 11, 1982.
John "Doodle" Thrower, vocal and harmonica, performs his Sacred Harp parody "Singing On the Fourth of July." Followed by copyright announcement by Alan Lomax. Shot by Lomax and crew outside Tallapoosa, Georgia, September 14, 1982.
The fox chase (1 of 2), performed by Fred "Junior" Thomas, vocal effects and bottle. Shot by Alan Lomax and crew in Johnston County, North Carolina, July 23, 1983.
John Dee Holeman, Algia Mae Hinton (on guitar), and friends extemporize on "Yall Come," with flat-footing and train-imitation shuffling. Shot by Alan Lomax and crew at Hinton's home in Johnston County, North Carolina, July 29, 1983.
Lawrence Eller, vocal and banjo, performs "I'm Going to Georgia." Shot by Alan Lomax and crew at Eller's home, Upper Hightower, Hiawassee, Georgia, September 12, 1982.

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