Star Songs and Constellations on the GJB

December 16, 2021

At a time when diversity and equity in music education is critical, the Global Jukebox offers a brand-new set of resources for K-12 learners and their teachers. Star-Songs and Constellations is a ready-made sequence of educational resources in music and its sonic, cultural and social meanings, for both in-person and online learning.  Its curricular core of 40 plus K-12 lessons spring directly from recordings within The Global Jukebox. It was designed by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Clayton Dahm of the University of Washington to integrate World Music Pedagogy (WMP) into customizable slide-sets online. Find the open-access lessons at free of charge.

  • Each slide-set features musical selection from The Global Jukebox, along with embedded audio, images, prompts to guide teaching and learning, and suggestions for extending students’ musical and cultural learning.
  • “Star-Songs” can be engaged with à la carte or used together in a variety of pre-made “Constellations” or units. Constellations include groupings by:
    • Musical qualities:“Dynamics” and "Plain and Fancy" (Ornamentation),
    • Ensemble size: "All Alone and Altogether" 
    • Geography: Caribbean, Southern Journey (the American South) and more.
    • Qualities pertinent for music teachers: "Flexible Arrangements" and "Hello Songs and Singing Games".  
    • Lessons guide learners on their journeys to understanding global musical cultures through thoughtful listening and participatory musicking. 
  • Contextual descriptions about the people and places from which the music comes are threaded into the musical experiences, and on the Global Jukebox. 
  • Curriculum fosters intercultural understanding through the study of music and its performance style, meanings, functions, and values so that students (and teachers) will come to know music as cultural expression.