Endangered Cultures Initiative

ACE's Endangered Cultures Initiative provides training and support for those whose expressive culture is undocumented and endangered to record and archive their traditions for local use, in regional libraries and at the Library of Congress.  

Keeping cultures alive, equitable, and shared is one of the most enduring legacies we can offer to future generations. The Endangered Cultures Initiative ensures the conservation and protection of folk traditions and cultural practices through community sourced documentation, educational initiatives, public programs, publications and exhibitions. 

In 2017, ACE began a pilot program, supporting Dominic Raimondo, one of the Lost Boys of the South Sudan, in the return to his home country to help preserve the traditions of his Didinga Tribe.  ACE provided training, equipment and travel to make it possible for Dominic to record and catalog his cultural heritage to be deposited with the Didinga people.

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