Hush the Waves are Rolling In

Hush The Waves Are Rolling In: Lullabies from the Alan Lomax Collection

( Reel-to-Real 2023 )
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The Lomax Collection reflects a variety of human experience—from the sacred to the profane, from the rural to the urban, and from the public square to the domestic scene. The Lomaxes recorded lullabies all over the world, creating a record of the universality of these particularly intimate moments between parents and children. This compilation gathers some of our favorite lullabies from the archive alongside new interpretations by contemporary artists. 

  1. Clarice Garland - Hush The Waves Are Rolling In 
  2. Vera Ward Hall - Come Up Horsey 
  3. Elizabeth Cronin - Dance To Your Daddy-O 
  4. Texas Gladden - Whole Heap A Little Horses
  5. Wanda Sanna - Ninna Nanna 
  6. Francilia - Dododo, sa ki la, se mwen menm la bèl, ouvrè pòt pou mwen 
  7. Big Drum Group - I'm Rocking My Baby To Sleep 
  8. Unidentified women - Iovnana 
  9. Olga Acevedo - Señora Santa Ana 
  10. Shirley Lomax Mansell - All The Pretty Little Horses 
  11. Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby
  12. Catherine Telemaque - Hush Hush Little Baby 
  13. Dolores Fernández Geijo - Duérmete, niño angelito 
  14. Ernestine Laban - Fais do do (Krab dan Kalalou) 
  15. Bessie Jones - Go To Sleepy Little Baby 
  16. Sandy Rogers - Go To Sleepy Little Baby 
  17. Joan Shelley - Hush The Waves Are Rolling In
  18. Eamon O'Leary - Dance To Your Daddy-O 
  19. Julia Patinella - Cu ti lu dissi 
  20. Samoa Wilson - Come Up Horsey 
  21. Claudia Eliaza w/ Dan Zanes - Dodo Titit Maman 
  22. Miriam Elhajli - Duérmete, niño angelito 
  23. Beareather Reddy - Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby 
  24. Myriam Gendron - Fais dodo