Alan Lomax Choreometrics Films Preserved Through a National Film Preservation Foundation Grant

December 12, 2018 | by

The Association for Cultural Equity recently completed a National Film Preservation Foundation grant project to digitally transfer and preserve items in the Alan Lomax Choreometrics Films Collection, housed at the American Folklife Center-Library of Congress. The project entailed selection of rare film material from the Presentation Library, which ACE will make available to dance scholars and researchers interested in the analysis method developed by Alan Lomax: Choreometrics.

Photo source: MV3549 “Cross Cultural Consensus”

ACE will also provide access to the digitized film samples through our Global Jukebox, a resource for the study of culture in comparative perspective, and, once ingested into its content management system, the films will also be made available for researchers at the American Folklife Center. Content of the films include a variety of cultural dance and movement forms, along with musical performances, from diverse social and cultural contexts. Labeled as African Dance, Evolutionary Film, Consensus Film Sequences, Work Dance, and Regional Contrast films, the films will contribute to study and new research in the areas of dance and movement studies across cultures. Special thanks to our partners at AFC-LOC and the National Film Preservation Foundation for their support.