Lead Belly and the Lomaxes: Myths and Realities

What was the extent and nature of Lead Belly’s association with the Lomaxes? Did Lead Belly work as John A. Lomax’s “chauffeur”? Did John A. Lomax make Lead Belly perform in prison stripes? These and many other questions about the relationship between John A. and Alan Lomax and Huddie Ledbetter are addressed in a new Chronology and a set of FAQs about these individuals and their relationship during the 1930s and ‘40s.

A considered response

To read Anna Lomax Wood's unvarnished portrait of her grandfather, John A. Lomax, in response to his portrayal in The Legend of Lead Belly and Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways documentary, please read here.




The estate of Huddie Ledbetter is administered by the Lead Belly Foundation. www.Leadbelly.org

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