“The Recovery of Our Grenadian Heritage is a Priority!”

In a meeting at ACE on January 12, Hon. Dessima Williams, Ambassador from Grenada to the U.N., said that her government is making the preservation and recovery of Grenadian cultural traditions a definite priority. Folklorist and musician Winston Fleary, a long-time cultural leader from Carriacou transplanted to New York, convened the meeting to plan preparations for the repatriation of Alan Lomax’s 1962 recordings and photographs in Grenada and Carriacou. The Grenada-U.S. Committee for Cultural Equity and Repatriation was formed to raise funds and organize a series of performance lectures and workshops in the New York area and Grenada, leading up to the repatriation ceremonies in 2011. Also present was Juliana Clarke, an educator active in the New York Caribbean community, and Kent Lambert, accountant, who volunteered to manage the committee. Bobby Friedel and Taka Kawachi filmed the meeting.

ACE’s preservation, publishing, dissemination and repatriation of Caribbean cultural materials are a function of the fact that so much of the core culture of the Caribbean is orally based and transmitted. The digital revolution makes it possible for us to gather these resources and return them to repositories in their countries of origin as well as in the immigrant Diaspora. It is essential to broadcast that they are there and available and let people know what they are and why they are important.

Originally posted: March 2, 2010