ACE Dissemination Program Featured at IASA in Sidney

Bertram Lyons will give a paper on ACE’s efforts to disseminate its collections to regional archives and to repatriate collections made in other countries at the IASA conference in Sidney, Australia, September 13-19. This year’s conference theme : Interconnection and cooperation between individuals and institutions active in the field of sound and audiovisual collections – corresponds to ACE’s emphasis on cultural feedback and resource dissemination. Lyons’ talk will highlight the progress of ACE’s Caribbean repatriation effort. The program began in 2005 in collaboration with the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago in order to furnish audiovisual documentation made by Alan Lomax in a number of Caribbean nations to key repositories in those countries in the form of high quality digital copies. The 2008 conference of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) is hosted by the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Australia.

Originally posted: September 13, 2008