Victor Grauer’s “Echoes of Forgotten Ancestors” in Print

“Echoes of Our Forgotten Ancestors,” Victor Grauer’s monograph applying Cantometrics theory to the “out-of-Africa model in population genetics was published in the 2/2006 issue of The World of Music. Drawing upon his early work with Alan Lomax on the Cantometrics project, supplemented by his own ideas, Grauer attempts to show how recent work in genetics could lead to an understanding of human history through music. In his earliest writings on folk song style in 1956, Alan Lomax conjectured that Pigmy and Bushman style represented mankind’s earliest music. Subsequent research over two and a half decades confirmed this hypothesis, tracing the “integrated” style of early Africans through South and Southeast Asia, and into the Caucuses, from whence it seems to have spread to Southeastern and Central Europe and Russia – where it remained in pockets until the age of sound recording.

Originally posted: February 1, 2006