Ace Online Archive Goes Live

The Alan Lomax Archive and the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) is pleased to announce the launch of the ACE Online Archive — the fulfillment of over a decade of the restoration, digitization, and cataloging of Alan Lomax’s life’s work. Lomax devoted seven decades to documentation, research, and advocating for cause of cultural equity, which he defined as “the right of every culture to express and develop its distinctive heritage.” The ACE Online Archive includes nearly 17,000 free full-streaming audio field-recordings, totaling over eight hundred hours, collected by Lomax between 1946 and 1991; scans of 5,000 photographic prints and negatives; sixteen hours of vintage radio transcriptions; and ninety hours of interviews, discussions, and lectures by Alan Lomax and his colleagues. Each media collection can be browsed as well as searched, and is accompanied by detailed descriptions.

Additional sessions will be added to the ACE Online Archive when restoration and cataloging is complete. These will include Lomax’s 1954–55 Italian and 1985 Louisiana expeditions and several of his collections made under the auspices of the Library of Congress; among them his 1937 Haiti and Eastern Kentucky collections.

To listen to an NPR interview with Don Fleming, Executive Director of ACE, about the release of these vast resources, click on the link below.

NPR’s The Takeaway

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Originally posted: March 1, 2012