Kickstarter campagin fully funded

Update: The Kickstarter campaign was fully funded, thanks to the support of over 400 backers. ACE looks forward to completing the work on the Global Jukebox Song Tree for a tentative beta launch in the fall of 2015.


Today the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) launched its first-ever crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the Global Jukebox Song Tree, an innovative, free online resource that will allow people to explore the traditional music of the world in ways never before possible. For more information, including a video of support by Dan Zanes and a walkthrough of the Global Jukebox Song Tree, visit the Kickstarterpage.

Donors will be given early access to the Song Tree when it reaches the beta stage and before it is publicly launched. Those who support the development of new technologies to increase appreciation of the world’s traditional music and culture are encouraged to make a contribution to this vital project.

Originally posted: June 2, 2014