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Boats in the Bahamas

Grade Level: 4–6

Bahamas 1935: Ring Games and Round Dances
The Wind Blow East — Unidentified group in Nassau

Activity #1: Improvising Text and Movement
1. Listen to "The Wind Blow East", and notice that "Sunshine", "China", and "Setting Star" are names of boats.
2. Think of cities where tall ships may sit in the harbor.
3. Create three names of boats that might suit that city.
4. Ask individual children to sing the song with their new boat names.
5. Sing and play a game adaptation. Children form a circle, with one child in the middle. Middle child creates a movement (stepping, hopping, clapping) and improvises a new boat name at the appropriate place. On the word "town", a new child is selected to take his/her place.

Suggested Activity #2: Composing Rhythms
1.Listen to "The Wind Blow East", and have children find and perform the steady beat (by tapping, patting their knees, or clapping).
2.Listen to "The Wind Blow East", and create four-beat patterns using combinations of quarter-, eighth-, sixteenth-notes, or eighth-note triplets.
3.In teams of 3-5 children, have them perform for each other by singing one verse of the song and "playing" their own composed patterns on hand drums.
4.Lead children in making their own drums.

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